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How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Whether you’re a new homeowner, someone with an unquenchable thirst for home remodeling, or find yourself nauseated by the mustard-colored shower tile in your master bedroom, it’s important to design a space that’s right for you. If you’ve watched countless episodes of home remodels on HGTV for tips on achieving a tasteful aesthetic, only to feel overwhelmed by all the options available, you’re not alone.

Remodeling your flooring requires a digestible starting point. Experts in the design space suggest starting with the tile, which will later help with selecting drape coloring, artwork, and all of the exciting trinkets that reside along your vanity. There are several factors to evaluate before choosing the perfect tile for your floor, shower, or walls. Here is some handy advice for choosing the right tile for your bathroom remodel.

Type of Location

The area where you will be installing the tile is a crucial component in deciding which materials and styles are appropriate for the needs of that location. For example, there are specific tiles that are more suitable for the abundant moisture found in the shower area. The structure and build of the tile you use is pertinent in determining the durability and lifespan of your bathroom remodel.

Types of Tile

Porcelain: Popularity-wise, porcelain reigns supreme over ceramic tile due to the fact that it is less porous and provides ample water and stain resistance. The dense substance is also ideal for underfloor heating, which helps keep your bare toes toasty on those frigid winter nights. While the price of porcelain may have your piggy bank squealing in protest, it’s industrial-strength makeup is a great solution for those seeking a tile with longevity. It’s also highly versatile from a design-perspective so you can really unleash those creative juices.
Glass: Glass tiles are another favored choice when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Not only is it available in a medley of delightful colors and finishes, but it bears a lustrous, smooth surface, perfect for achieving a more polished style to your room. Compared to its counterparts, glass can be a bit costly, but if it’s shiny flair satiates your inner designer, then it is a worthwhile investment.

Ceramic: Cost-effective and widely used, ceramic tile excels in bathroom environments where the air is constantly damp. The tiles are not only simple to install, but they are painless to clean – which after a long, arduous day at the office is music to our exhausted ears. Ceramic tiles are easy to modify, with a surface that can be decorated with paint or decals for a customized design to suit your taste. Don’t be afraid to get creative and inject some fun into your space, especially for a child’s bathroom.

Stone: Stone has grown in popularity in recent years as sustainability and neutral, earthy tones have influenced both architectural design and interior styling. Stone tile can be obtained in a number of organic patterns, each with a natural feel that can complement a wide variety of styles. Rock or pebble tiles, also under the stone umbrella, are a great way to add texture and a unique design that is purely your own.

Color Choice

Lastly, you need to select a color palette for your tile. There are a few items that will influence your decision like the style of light fixtures, the overarching theme you’d like to accomplish, and the dimensions of the bathroom. In small bathroom spaces, utilize neutrals, pastels, and light hues to create the illusion of a bigger space. Larger bathrooms can support saturated, darker tones.

With these tips in mind, enjoy redesigning your bathroom into a serene oasis.

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